Area Churches 


The Methodist Church                                                              

This is the Methodist Church of Avon.  There are of lot of activities that go on here. The Methodist Church hosts an after school program called "God's Group"   for 1st grade through 6th grade.  This church also holds many dinners for many Clubs and Organizations in Avon.    
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      The Federated Church

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This Church is located on Main Street in Avon. This church also holds many dinners and the local 4-H club holds their meetings in the basement.  A group of women get together occassionally and embroider quilts for the community at no charge.




The Baptist Church

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This Baptist church is located on Main Street acorss from the cafe.  This church has a lot of interesting activities for their membership. When the weather allows, they occasionally have services outdoors.





Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church is located on Route 41.  No other description is available.







Christian Church

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The Christian Church is located in the heart of St. Augustine.  No other description is available