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The opossum is nocturnal mammal. The mother can carry its young in her pouch or on her back. This mammal is Illinois' only marsupial or pouch animal. Its habitat is the forest and grassland.  The cougar or mountain lion belongs belongs to the big cat family. This mammal has large powerful paws that help him travel quickly and quietly thruogh the forest. His long tail helps him keep his balance as he leaps through the air.
 The Great Horned owl is nocturnal. He is different from other owls because of his widely spaced ear tufts, white throat bib, and dark cross -barring on his chest. Despite his large size "Artemis" only weighs 3 1/2 pounds. His talons and sharp beak are used for gripping and tearing his food. Rufus", meaning red for his red plumage, is a full grown screech owl. He earned his name "screech owl" because of his loud high pitched screeching voice. This small 4 1/2 ounce owl can be found in forests, near lakeshores and around old orchards.
 The bald eagle is the national bird. This large timid bird is known for its white head and tail. It gathers its food from overlooking water where it plunges from its perch to catch fish with its talons.  The gray fox is a mammal who is a small relative of the dog. It can climb trees and has a black stripe on its tail. The fox uses its bushy tail to cover its face and feet as it sleeps during cold weather. Its habitat is the forest.

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