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History of Measurement Websites


Here are links describing the different types of intelligences. Read about them first so that you have an idea what the printouts mean after you take the tests.


Find out what type of learner you are using these 5 websites:


Here are some ideas of ways to help you study, based on your multiple intelligence scores:


Create your own graph with this website:

This website contains activities that let you click-and-drag to discover math ideas on your own:

Practice for ISAT with this 5th grade sample on-line test:

Here is an 8th grade sample on-line test:

Search for answers to your homework questions or send an e-mail with your important question to:  

Make your own flashcards, practice worksheets, or play some cool math games:

Without having to download, you can use this site to create your own crossword puzzles:




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