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Avon Schools

CUSD 176 

Work Due:  Week of December 6, 2004


TEST-Tuesday December14, 2004

We are ready to "wrap up" the 3rd unit which is on order of operations, dividing decimals by decimals, and to make sure they haven't forgotten: adding/subtracting/multiplying decimals (just briefly on this last idea).  


Decimal Memory tricks:

               R                                                             L


                  G                                                            F

                  H                                                            T




·        3-Ring Binder

·        Loose-leaf Paper


·        Eraser

·        Highlighter

·        Protractor

·        Ruler

·        Compass

·        Pen

·        El' Cheapo Calculator

Rules of Conduct:

·        Bring PENCILS, math book, paper, pen, highlighter, and calculator to every class. 

·        Be in your seat with your assignment out and your book open to the assignment BEFORE the bell rings.

·        If you have a question on the assignment after class, ask for help during study skills the same day the assignment is given. 

·        If you run across a question that you need help on after school, write the problem up on the board before class starts and put a tally mark beside it.

·        Do not blurt out answers, raise your hand.  Remember, you are not the only one in the class that wants to answer a question.

·        Take all notes during class-there will be random note checks.

 Grades will consist of:

·        Note-checks/ Journal Entries

·        Homework

·        Quizzes (usually open-note)

·        Tests

·        Projects



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