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Financial information

by Dan Oakley

Please choose from the embedded links in the chart below to access district financial information. Years are noted by fiscal year - FY10 means the school year ending in June of 2010, FY11 means the school year ending in June of 2011, etc.



Annual audit: The school district undergoes an annual audit, conducted by a firm contracted by the district. The district has contracted Baumann and Associates for the past several years.

Budget: The planned revenue and expenditure document by fund category that is approved by the Board of Education annually by no later than the end of September of the current fiscal year. Before approval, the budget must be posted for 30 days and undergo a public hearing.

Amended Budget: The district usually amends the budget in June to reflect more accurately the revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year about to end. Before approval, the budget must be posted for 30 days and undergo a public hearing.

Annual Financial Report: The district is required to send the Annual Financial Report to the Illinois State Board of Education annually. The report is prepared by the firm completing the annual audit, and is essentially a reflection of the audit.

Annual Financial Profile: The Annual Financial Profile is a measurement of the financial "health" of the district. The profile is somewhat esoteric in nature, and may or may not reflect the actual financial health of the district.

Annual State of Affairs: 

Tax Levy Request Form: The district must file a tax levy request form with the county clerk(s) annually in order to receive tax dollars from the property owners of the district. The tax levy request must be filed in December annually.



Annual Audit Budget (Original) Amended Budget Annual Financial
Annual Financial
Annual State of
Affairs Report
Tax Levy Request Form

FY12 proposed levy (to be filed December 2010)

Truth in Taxation notice

  FY11 Budget         FY11 Levy (filed December 2009)
FY10 Audit FY10 budget FY10 Amended Budget (June 16, 2010)     FY10 ASA FY10 Levy (filed December 2008)
FY09 Audit FY09 Budget FY09 Amended Budget FY09 AFR FY09 AFP FY09 ASA FY09 Levy (filed December 2007)
FY08 Audit FY08 Budget FY08 Amended Budget FY08 AFR FY08 AFP FY08 ASA  
FY07 Audit     FY07 AFR FY07 AFP FY07 ASA  
FY06 Audit     FY06 AFR FY06 AFP FY06 ASA  
FY05 Audit     FY05 AFR FY05 AFP    
      FY04 AFR FY04 AFP    
      FY03 AFR FY03 AFP    
      FY02 AFR FY02 AFP    
      FY01 AFR      

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