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Elementary School|Staff: Craig

Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig

September 12, 2010

I sent home a calendar last week about our color days and the news reporter days. Please put this calendar in an area that you can check to see what color we are working on. Next week we will start with the colors red and blue. Have your child wear something red on Tuesday and something blue on Thursday. We will make a color book to go home for you to read and return the next day. 


The person who is in charge of reporting the news is also listed on that same calendar. Check to see when your child needs to report the news. It can be something from the paper, TV, or something that took place at home such as getting a new puppy or going to a wedding. 


Dates to remember:

900233449Library is Thursday; please send your book back. Your child needs to leave the book in his/her backpack until Thursday.

900178127Sept. 22, Wednesday is picture day

Sept. 22, Wednesday is an early dismissal @ 2:00

Sept. 24, Friday is the Homecoming Parade 

Sept. 24, Friday is an early dismissal @ 2:00


900083013The rocket ships are now on display on our hall bulletin board. Take a minute to see everyone’s rocket ship. We hope you had fun doing them. In October you will receive a child shape to decorate according to how your child will dress for Halloween. 


The 5th grade is collecting cans. Please send in your empty pop cans. We will make sure they get to Mrs. Olson.


Bowl of fresh fruitsPlease check the snack calendar for the dates you are to bring in snack. I realize some will be bringing in twice in one month. Everyone should end up with the same amount of days. I just start at the top and continue down my list. Keep in mind, we want our children to stay healthy and healthy snacks are greatly appreciated. If you can’t think of an inexpensive healthy snack, double check the list we sent home. If you need a new list, let me know and I will send another one to you. 


This week I will continue my assessments on each child. I will share this information with you during parent/teacher conferences in October. We will begin working on colors. We will play color games, paint with different colors, and more. PLEASE work with your child on naming colors. Older children who know their colors will work on recognizing color words.

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