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Elementary School|Staff: Rogers

Kindergarten...Got Homework???

by Alicia Rogers

September 12, 2010

I know it is hard to imagine Kindergarten would have homework, but we do! It is important that it is completed each evening, so that skills we have learned during the day are reinforced again at home. Also, it helps the student build a sense of responsibility and good homework habits early. Finally, completing homework with your child helps foster a sense of pride because they see you are interested in what they are doing at school.

Daily Homework Assignments:

  • Reading Log - read for at least 10 minutes at home and then write down what you read on the reading log.
  • Sight Word Cards - practice sight words card each night. Do not spend more than a few seconds per card. The goal for the student is to be able to read the words "on sight" with out having to sound them out.
  • Saxon Math - Math worksheets will not come home everyday. 

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