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Elementary School|Staff: Craig

Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig

September 24, 2010

Did you know that fall is officially here? We will be watching the changes that take place during the fall season. The children are finishing an apple tree by adding their own apple print to the tree. We will go on a fall walk. The children are noticing acorns on the ground and collecting them for our science table. We play on making our first batch of homemade playdough.


Mrs. Darst and I will get together to complete the Proud Parent Book. Thank you so much for sending in your forms and photo of your child.


A few more families are waiting for the “Hello Book.” Another book will be circulating soon. It is “Our Napping Book.” I hope you enjoy these books. PLEASE, have your child point to the words as it is being read. That is why the words repeat on each page. In this way your child will learn to recognize a few words and begin to realize we read from left to right. Try hard to return the book the next day so another family can enjoy reading it.


Another project I have in mind is a “Proud Family Wall.” I have received 2 photos so far for the family  wall. Please send in a family photo. We will put it up on our wall and keep them all year long. Make sure it is a photo that is not special to you, because you never know it could get lost, ripped, or etc. The kids will love looking at their families throughout the school day. We will graph the number of people in the family, the number of boys and girls, etc. It will be a fun learning experience. I hope EVERYONE will send in a picture, please.


Dates to remember:

Have your child wear something brown on Tuesday and something purple on Thursday. 

Library is Thursday; please send your book back. Your child needs to leave the book in his/her backpack until Thursday. I don’t want it lost or misplaced in the room.

http:/ 8, Friday—NO SCHOOL (Teacher Institute0

October 11, Monday—NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

October 20, Wednesday—Early Dismissal @ 2:00

October 28, Thursday Early Dismissal @ 11:30

October 28, Thursday Parent/Teacher Conferences  4-8 P.M.

October 29, Friday—NO SCHOOL

October 29, Friday—Parent/Teacher Conferences from 8 A.M.-Noon


Be sure to send in your money and tickets for the raffle. 

I hope everyone is collecting Sunny Delight symbols so we can get some new books. 


900281152The 5th grade is collecting cans. Please send in your empty pop cans. We will make sure they get to Mrs. Olson. I will give each child an extra T-Buck for bringing in a sack of empty cans.

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