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Elementary School|Staff: Craig

Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig

September 16, 2010

I want to get my newsletter to you on Thursdays, so you will know what is going on next week.


I will start working on the Proud Parent Book. Thank you so much for sending in your forms and photo of your child. The “Hello Book” is making its way to our families. When you get the book, please read it ASAP and send it back the next day. I am working on another book that will start circulating soon. Watch for them in your child’s folder or backpack.


Another project I have in mind is a “Proud Family Wall.” Please send in a photo of your family. We will put it up on our wall and keep them all year long. Make sure it is a photo that is not special to you, because you never know it could get lost, ripped, or etc. The kids will love looking at their families throughout the school day. We will graph the number of people in the family, the number of boys and girls, etc. It will be a fun learning experience. I hope EVERYONE will send in a picture, please.


Have your child wear something yellow on Tuesday and something green on Thursday. We will make a color book to go home for you to read and return the next day. 


Dates to remember:

900233449900178127Library is Thursday; please send your book back. Your child needs to leave the book in his/her backpack until Thursday.

Sept. 22, Wednesday is picture day

Sept. 22, Wednesday is an early dismissal @ 2:00

Sept. 24, Friday is the Homecoming Parade

Sept. 24, Friday is an early dismissal @ 2:00


I will be asking for specific snacks from time to time. Many of you have already been asked and I want to thank you for sending in what I requested. We are sampling a variety of foods this year. We have tried purple grapes, apples, and broccoli. To my surprise the majority of the children liked all three, broccoli being the least favorite. Your little ones are terrific about trying the foods even if they THINK they don’t like it. Next week will be eating apples with peanut butter and cheese. Eating applesauce and sampling sweetened and unsweetened apple juice.


 The children will decorate an apple tree with red apples.  We will taste the different colored apples and make a graph. We’ll fish for apples in the water table. Several stories will be read about apples. We will plant the seeds from our apples. We may even make green playdough.


The 5th grade is collecting cans. Please send in your empty pop cans. We will make sure they get to Mrs. Olson.

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