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Elementary School|Staff: Craig

Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig

October 15, 2010

Dates to remember:

View DetailsLibrary is on Thursday

October 18, Monday--Family Photos are due. I need family photos, PLEASE!

October 20, Wednesday—Early Dismissal @ 2:00

October 21, Thursday—Hearing and Vision Screening

October 22, Friday—Bus Driver Appreciation Day

October 28, Thursday- Costume Parade @ 8:30 (please have your child dressed in costume unless it is VERY EASY TO PUT ON) Send a change of clothing if needed so he/she may change out of the costume. The party is @ 10:30. Early Dismissal @ 11:30

October 28, Thursday—Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4-8 P.M.

If you have not returned your conference form, please do so by Tuesday, October 19.

October 29, Friday-—NO SCHOOL- Parent/Teacher Conferences from 

8 A.M.-Noon        View Details

     October 29, Friday—Halloween Hoopla 6-7:30 P.M.

 We have plenty of toothpaste, thanks to you. I appreciate those that sent in tubes of toothpaste for the children.


View Details I will be making color books. Please practice naming the colors with your child. Next week, we will continue with some fall items. We will read the story “Ten Apples Up on Top.” The book will be recreated with pictures of each child with apples up on top. It will be fun. We are starting our Nursery Rhymes. We are currently working on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” The children will be participating in fall activities, such as cutting out Jack ‘O’ Lanterns and making fall pictures. If you know of anyone who is willing to donate a pumpkin or two, we would appreciate it. We generally carve at least one for the classroom. In the past we have been fortunate enough to be able to give each child a pumpkin. I doubt that will happen this year.


Sorry, I did not get the sacks out in time. I will send the sack out on Tuesday, next week. I need each child to put a fall item in the sack.  Each sack will have his/her name on the outside. A note will be attached to the sack asking for specific objects to be sent back. I hope you enjoy this activity. The sack will be sent on Tuesday and needs to be returned on Wednesday.


PLEASE! initial the notebook everyday. I know that more often than not there is not much to initial, but it is good habit to get into.


We have a new student starting Monday, Her name is Zora. Please make her feel welcome. She moved here from the Lake of the Ozarks.

Work with your child on putting on his/her coat and zipping.

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