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Have A Question?

by Naydeen Mahr
September 18, 2007

If you have a question about anything that is going on in our classroom or with your child please call the school at 465-3851 my extension is 233.  You can also e-mail me at :

I will check my e-mail before school and after school.  If you have an emergency please contact the office.  COMMUNICATION is a must between all of us to keep open 

lines and an understanding of what is going on with your child.


Monday 11//10:

L37 assign Do all odd 1-27

Tuesday 11//10

Math Test 6B

Spelling Write missed words 5xs and give 5 sentences using missed words

Correct Spelling words missed-write 5xs and give 5sentences from the list.  Use the words you missed.

Wednesday 11//10 

Spelling crossword L99

Finish Math Test  Do DIB L34

Thursday 11//10

Friday 11/12/10

Math L40p178 Capacity  We did this together on our different helping supplies.  No assignment.


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