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Counseling Services and Goal

by Tami Kelly
September 28, 2007

Some services provided by the counseling office here at Avon include:

1. College Selection

2. Scholarship information

3. Financial Aid Information

4. Career Information

5. Course Selections

6. Grade Improvement

7. Test Preparation and Testing

8. Relationship Help

9. Mental Health Counseling

10. Personal Concerns

11. Future Planning


Counseling Goals for Avon High School Graduates

1. Graduates may attend a community college.

2. Graduates may attend a four-year college or university.

3. Graduates may attend a vocational school or trade school.

4. Graduates may join one of the branches of the U.S. military services.

5. Graduates may enter the labor force, preferably in a career-oriented position.

6. Graduates will enter society with respect for themselves and others.

7. Graduates will become successful, contributing members in their community.



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