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Elementary School Registration Materials

by Dan Oakley
June 04, 2009


This page contains links to registration forms commonly used by Avon Elementary School during the registration process. You may download these forms, fill them in on your computer, print them, and bring them to school at registration time instead of having to take the time to fill them in at school during the registration process. You may also choose to fill such documents in at school, if you wish.


We are asking that all families fill out the free-reduced lunch form. While we realize that many families may not qualify for free-reduced lunch, and others may not wish to take advantage of the program, simply having the highest count possible qualifies the school district for programs and funds that are not otherwise available to our students.


All forms are in .PDF format. You may download Acrobat Reader, if needed.


(Note: Forms were reviewed for accuracy during the first week of July, 2010. If there are any questions or concerns about the usage or viability of a form, please contact the superintendent at [email protected])


Forms for All Students

Medical Questionnaire Form

Authorization Form for Field Trips, Basic Medical Treatment, Emergency Medical Treatment, Media Release, and Student Demographics

Authorization for Student Pickup

Internet/Computer Network Authorization Form (must be completed for student to access computers/internet)

Free-Reduced Lunch Form (not required, but very helpful to the district)


Forms for Students New to Avon Schools (First-time Attendees) Only

New Student Registration form

Home language survey


Optional or Special Forms

Book Fee Waiver Application Form

Medicaid Number Form (required of students possessing a Medicaid number)

Automated Telephone Delivery System Sign-up (for receiving announcements or emergency information)


Other Information

July Registration Newsletter

Homeless Student Information

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