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Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig
October 08, 2010

We are OUT of toothpaste. We will continue to brush teeth, but just use water. It’s better than not brushing at all.


Please initial the notebook everyday. I know that more often than not there is not much to initial, but it is good habit to get into.


Dates to remember:

Have your child wear something pink on Tuesday and something white on Thursday. 

http:/ is on Thursday

October 8, Friday—NO SCHOOL (Teacher Institute0

October 11, Monday—NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

October 18, Monday--Family Photos are due.

October 20, Wednesday—Early Dismissal @ 2:00

October 28, Thursday Early Dismissal @ 11:30

October 28, Thursday—Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4-8 P.M.

If you have a specific time and date for your conference let me know ASAP. Otherwise I will assign a day and time for us to meet.

October 29, Friday—NO SCHOOL- Parent/Teacher Conferences from 8 A.M.-Noon

October 29, Friday—Halloween Hoopla 6-7:30 p.m.


Be sure to send in your raffle tickets and money. 

I hope everyone is collecting Sunny Delight symbols so we can get some new books.


Next week we will be finding out about objects that sink and float. We will make rootbeer floats in the classroom. We will discuss “fall” and make leaf people.


Our color book will be completed next week. We have taken a class picture each week of those wearing the color of the day. We will make a color book to send home. 


We have been practicing ripping different colored paper and gluing them onto white paper. We will also make a book of each child’s ripped paper to send home. This is a great fine motor skill. The children are practicing cutting on lines. PLEASE work on these activities at home. If you do not have a pair of scissors let me know and I will get you a pair.  


I will be sending home a paper sack starting next week. Each child will have his/her own sack with his/her name on the outside. A note will be attached to the sack asking for specific objects to be sent back. I hope you enjoy this activity. The sack will be sent home every Wednesday. 

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