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Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig
November 13, 2010



No snack calendar will be sent out in December. You have enough to do in December without remembering to bring in a snack.


Dates to remember:

November 17, Wednesday is an early dismissal @ 2:00

Thursday is our regular library day. Please return your child’s library book this Thursday. We will not check out books for over the holiday.

Date changed: November 18, Thursday is our Thanksgiving Party @ 2:00 

November 24-28 NO SCHOOL/ Thanksgiving Break

November 29, Monday/ return to school

December 2, Thursday @ 6 P.M. is our Family Night. Hope everyone will come join the fun.

December 8, Wednesday is an early dismissal @ 2:00.

December 15, Wednesday is our Christmas Party @ 2:00. If you are on the committee please contact your chairperson, Krystal Yeoman.

December 16, Thursday is our Christmas Program @ 6:00 in the High School Gym. We will be the first to perform. You will bring your child to the Junior High before 6 P.M. You may pick your child up after the program has ended.

December 20-January 2 is Winter Break

January 3, Monday Return to school


Still need several family photos, please.


I will send the paper sack home on Tuesday. I want you to put something in the sack that is shaped like a circle. We have been working on shapes so for the next few weeks you will be asked to send in a shape.


We are working on our Thanksgiving Books. The children are making turkeys. We will be asking your child what he/she is thankful for and why. Their remarks will be written on a turkey feather that will be attached to our turkey on the bulletin board.


I have two children that have sent in a list of books that they have been read to them. I need everyone to send in a list of at least ten books that you have read to your child by Tuesday, November 30. Each child will receive a special gift for returning the list. Another list is coming home which is separate from this one. It is the kiss a pig form. So you will need to document ten books for me and read as many as you can by Wednesday, December 1.


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