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Preschool Newsletter

by Sue Craig
November 22, 2010

View Details        Our Star of the Week is Reece! Congratulations REECE!


900353712No snack calendar will be sent out in December. You have enough to do in December without remembering to bring in a snack.


Happy birthday to Gracie, who will turn 5 on Dec. 2


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Party Wednesday, November 18. The snack was delicious. We would like to thank the Thanksgiving committee for doing such a wonderful job.


Upcoming events:

November 30, Tuesday your list of books you read to your child are due!!

December 2, Thursday Book Orders Are DUE.I wanted to send the order out early so you can receive your books before Christmas Break.

December 2, Thursday @ 6 P.M. is our Family Night. Hope everyone will come join the fun.

December 8, Wednesday is an early dismissal @ 2:00.

December 15, Wednesday is our Christmas Party @ 2:00. If you are on the committee please contact your chairperson, Krystal Yeoman.

December 16, Thursday is our Christmas Program @ 6:00 in the High School Gym. We will be the first to perform. You will bring your child to the Junior High before 6 P.M. You may pick your child up after the program has ended.

December 20-January 2 is Winter Break

January 3, Monday Return to school


Still need several family photos, please.


This week we will be baking some turnovers. The children will taste apple, cherry, and blueberry pie fillings. They will decide what flavor they like best, then add that to their pie crust. The favorite seems to be blueberry. We will make a graph to see what flavor is the most popular. We will try to finish up our Thanksgiving Books.



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